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Digital Thermometer LCD Instant Read Waterproof Detector Review and Coupon Code

Digital Thermometer Instant Read with Waterproof Detector

Digital Thermometer LCD Instant Read Waterproof Detector —- online at $0.99 with this coupon code: Xmas351 and please note that if it is a flash sale, or special offer ends, the price may be a little different! Check Price and More!

Digital Embedded Thermometer LCD Instant Read Refrigerator Aquarium Monitoring Display with Waterproof Detector

Long probe line: 1 meter
Simple design, moisture-resistant
Temperature display resolution: 0.1
Temperature range: – 50 – 110 degree centigrade
Digital LCD thermometer for aquarium and freezer
Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 1 degree centigrade
Strong anti-interference, applies to refrigerated cabinets, display counters and other need of temperature measurement

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