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How To Install and Set Up Stremio

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  • Stremio is a free media center application that works very similar to Kodi and Plex.  This app is receiving praises from the streaming community and rightfully so because it works very well.

    Just like Kodi, we can install 3rd party addons that allow for free streaming of on-demand movies and tv shows.

    How to Setup For Android & Fire Sticks

    This streaming application is different than Kodi in one major area. The addons that we install are added to our online account within Streamio. In my opinion, this is both good and bad.

    The cool thing about this is that we can setup Stremio and install addons on Windows, Mac or Linux computers and those will be accessible on any device where Stremio is installed. This will also allow us to resume playing a movie or tv show on a different devices from where we left off.

    But, this user convenience also provides Stemio with all of our streaming history and information on addons that we have used.  This should be concerning to users due to the fact that much of the Stremio technology revolves around Bit Torrent.  When using Bit Torrent software, your IP address is publicly broadcast which means outside organizations can see what you are streaming.  Many times this will lead to receiving threatening copyright letters from your Internet Service provider or government.

    How to Setup For Android & Fire Sticks

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